Know Your Network, AI meets KYC
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Wunderschild technology revolutionses the compliance and investigation techniques. It provides intelligence solutions based on network assessment, data linkage, flow aggregation, and machine learning.
Our expertise and connections bring insights on strategic risks related to Politically Exposed Persons, Serious Organised Crime, Terrorism Financing, etc.
"Know Your Network" as a cutting edge concept brings the Financial Crime compliance in a new forwardlooking and risk assessing perpective. Scoring tools based on semi-supervised learning techniques enhance the compliance functions in a pro-active role.
WunderSchild's rich data backbone focused on a global business and person registry allows for deep-dives in complex transantional crime cases including Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Market abuse, etc.
Team Members
Marius Frunza
Chief Executive Officer
Ilgiz Mustafin
Chief Product Officer
Georgy Emelyanov
Chief Technical Officer
Evgeny Kurinin
Chef Financial Officer
Dmitriy Ussolsev
Software Engineer
Margarita Peregudova
Python Developer
Amir Gimaev
Product Designer
Yuriy Sukhorukov
Python Developer
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Intelligence can be artificial, data cannot
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